Pictometry® Orthophotography



See the earth in startling detail. Our exceptional Orthophotography provides a true top-down view and is rectified to align with a map grid. Integrating it into your GIS data will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding to better measure, plan and design. We can even expand your horizons with images that are ideal for seeing large land features, boundaries, local topography and more.

Pictometry AccuPLUS® Imagery

Our certified orthos are the highest quality in the market, captured with a USGS-certified camera system that are aerial triangulated and then expertly stitched into a seamless mosaic using a digital terrain model. The result is unmatched precision, useful for such exacting purposes as tax map generation, street centerlines and planimetric data.

  • Captured at lower altitude for unmatched clarity
  • Provides mosaic, oblique and LiDAR images with two to four times more accuracy
  • Eliminates temporal differences between data by capturing all simultaneously
  • Aero-triangulated with surveyed ground control for certification
  • Horizontal accuracy: Exceeds NMAS 1”=100’ (1:1200), 1.41-foot RMSE for 4 inch GSD

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