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Pictometry® imagery is the new standard for the way Architecture & Engineering design professionals work.

Search for any commercial or residential property in the U.S. in our global image library ad view the location from multiple perspectives. Better yet, see the fronts and sides of buildings and structures from multiple perspectives instead of traditional overhead views from traditional aerial imagery.

Our measurement and annotation tools also enable Architecture & Engineering professionals and designers to sketch ideas and quantify the scope of a project from the desktop. Pictometry imagery can be integrated into AutoCAD® as a base layer or integrated with Esri ArcGIS® 10. Pictometry® Real3D® Suite can also be used to take the rich, visual detail of Pictometry’s images and combine them with leading-edge 3D solutions, creating a new class of 3D offerings that raise the bar for 3D models. The models are created from and/or textured with Pictometry’s oblique aerial imagery, creating an appearance that is so life-like, you might forget it is a model.


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Case Study

Enhancing Data Confidence

How A Forward-Thinking Energy Company Used Oblique Aerial Imagery To Improve Its Approach to Integrity Management


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