When it Comes to Innovation, Accuracy and Expertise, We’ve Gone the Distance

Pictometry partners with Federal agencies and is continually building innovative solutions and tools for the future. From our work with the Department of Homeland Security to build a real-time image capture solution to our immediate response to natural disasters for emergency response agencies, Pictometry is always on the leading edge of building image-based solutions.

Integrated Solutions -- The vast array of Pictometry’s integrated solutions allow GIS professionals and image analysts to work in their native applications while still enjoying the numerous benefits of oblique imagery. This integration means Pictometry’s image library solutions are not stand-alone systems that require new expertise but instead are integrated across existing solutions and infrastructure providing a common view point and source of visual intelligence. Current integrations include:

  • Esri® Solutions
  • All major E9-1-1 Computer Aided Dispatch software systems
  • Computer Aided Mass Appraisal systems
  • Emergency Vehicle Tracking systems
  • 3D Solutions such as Google Earth Enterprise and GeoFusion's GeoPlayer
  • Support for shapefile, ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial, and WMS
  • Support for ortho-photo ingestion with metadata
  • Support for street-side imagery
  • Numerous SDK’s available for custom integration