GIS Solutions


When it Comes to Accuracy, We’ve Gone the Distance

GIS departments across the country provide the foundation for government services everywhere. Accuracy. Integration capabilities. Analytical and Mapping Capabilities. All of these things are essential to the GIS professional – and all are part of Pictometry® solutions for GIS.

Pictometry’s high resolution geo-referenced imagery gives GIS users the clarity and accuracy they need – combined with powerful integration options to ensure Pictometry imagery and information overlays can be integrated into existing systems.

Pictometry’s extensions and SDK’s are developed with specific and unique capabilities enabling GIS users to enhance geographic data and comprehend with real-world imagery.

  • Read and/or create GIS data from Pictometry (an Esri Developer Business Partner)
  • Update and integrate with other third-party maps, imagery, GIS systems, and Software packages
  • Overlay shapefiles and geo-referenced data directly over all images (including obliques)
  • Attach an unlimited amount of raster or vector data to Pictometry images
  • Measure the length, width, and height of any feature in an image
  • Annotate images with text, lines, circles, etc., for powerful presentations and distribution
  • Click on any feature in an image to get its geo-coordinates and/or elevation
  • Determine the bearing of a road and angles of intersecting roads or physical features
  • Automatically calculate perimeter, acreage, or square footage of any area or building
  • Create/distribute sub-libraries of images for jurisdictional or geographical specialty use