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For assessing officers around the country, keeping up with the growth in their jurisdictions is becoming increasingly difficult. As a matter of fact, it is nearly impossible for most officers to conduct traditional on-site assessments or stay current with permits for new construction and demolition. That’s why the International Association of Assessing Officers has approved the use of oblique imagery as a reliable tool for remote assessment but the accuracy of the imagery is crucial.

At Pictometry, we capture the highest quality, most accurate oblique imagery in the world then, we pair it with innovative tools designed specifically for assessing officers – everything from sketch verification technologies to automated change detection and more.

As a result, nearly one third of counties in the United States now rely on Pictometry solutions to ensure fair and equitable assessments and improve their internal work processes for claims communications with residents and more.

Optimize staff resources. Maintain the integrity of county records. Ensure equalization of the tax burden in your community more effectively than ever.

To learn how Pictometry imagery can save time and resources and even generate revenue for your jurisdiction, call us today at 888-771-9714.