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To be the most Innovative Value Creator for Customers through Geospatial Centric Platforms and Solutions


2000 - Pictometry International, Corp. is formed.

2001 - First major product installation takes place Arlington County, VA. In its first year, Pictometry closes eight county sales.

2002 - Pictometry signs a contract with the State of Massachusetts and begins marketing to commercial industries and private businesses, including engineering and architectural firms, title companies, real estate developers.

2003 - Pictometry achieves 400 percent growth in its third fiscal year and triples its national sales force while advancing its business partnership program with leading technology companies in GIS, appraisal, and public safety.

2004 – Pictometry develops a touch screen software interface for use in mobile deployments such as law enforcement and other first responder vehicles.

2005 – Pictometry signs an exclusive 5-year agreement with Microsoft to provide aerial photos for Virtual Earth/Windows Live Local, currently Bing Maps.

2006 – The State of Rhode Island becomes Pictometry's second state customer and the state initiates a pilot program for Pictometry in their 9-1-1 Center. The Company also secures a business partnership with Hitachi to become the Master Distributor for Hitachi’s HouseDiff service – a complementary software process that helps county assessors and other agencies efficiently monitor changes in land and property structures utilizing Pictometry's images.

Pictometry hosts FutureView, the Company’s first user conference in Orlando, Florida. Keynote speaker for the event was former White House Chief of Staff to President George H. Bush and three-time Governor of New Hampshire John H. Sununo.

2007 – Pictometry is named to the Rochester Business Journal’s annual list of the Top 100 Companies in the Rochester area.

2008 – Pictometry awarded a grant from Department of Homeland Security to create a Real Time Airborne Management System (RAMS) for capturing imagery in emergency situations.

2009 – Pictometry begins being regularly featured on top-rated television drama NCIS.

2010 – Rick Hurwitz, former Chairman of Pictometry board, joins the Company as its second CEO, following Richard Kaplan; Pictometry receives USGS certification for specific imagery; Company creates a subsidiary, Pictometry Canada and increases Canadian coverage to include Nova Scotia and Quebec City; Company captures post earthquake imagery of Haiti.

2011 – Pictometry signs its 1000th county customer and renews a large, 4,000 square mile image capture in and around Los Angeles County for a government consortium of users (LARIAC); Company defeats GeoSpan in patent infringement suit and secures capital investment from Spectrum investors; Pictometry acquires GeoEstimator.


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