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Pictometry International Corp. created the aerial oblique industry by creating a patented system for image capture then pioneering the use of oblique imagery and measurement analytics across Government and Commercial sectors.

Our mission is to make sophisticated geospatial information accessible, usable, and affordable which is why we concentrate on making remote access to locations possible through advancements in imagery. With Pictometry, users can instantly access multiple views of locations, from various angles and identify features to thoroughly understand structures and surrounding areas from the field or office.

We are the geospatial industry’s recognized provider of aerial oblique imagery that’s measurable. 

Pictometry imagery is captured using a patented system designed to produce orthogonal (straight down views) and oblique aerial images that reveal the fronts and sides of buildings and locations from up to 12 angles. These 3D-like high resolution images are also geo-referenced so users can remotely and accurately measure area, distance, height, elevation, pitch, bearing and more – directly on imagery.

Easily integrated into existing systems, Pictometry imagery and software enables users to build powerful and comprehensive image-based tools for reporting, enhancing work processes, and improving overall productivity.

By combining our professional-grade imagery and measurement tools with pertinent data overlays, businesses can access “virtual properties” and create a powerful analytical tool for reporting and more efficient and accurate operations.

Pictometry’s global image library provides Pictometry customers with instant access to continually-updated imagery of locations around the world. More than 35 million images are added annually. The library currently contains more than 145 million images of imagery captured in all 50 states and 148 countries and territories around the world.

Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Pictometry has an office in Europe and a wholly-owned subsidiary, Pictometry Canada. The Company recently acquired Indianapolis-based GeoEstimator, a leading provider of online roof measurement tools.


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